The Smart App that Connects Parents with Kids.

Welcome to Parenting in the 21st Century.

Boop Kids is the first parenting app that connects family with kids.

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Connect with your kids from any device.

One account. Multiple devices. Reach, connect and play with your kids, anywhere, anytime!


Create your whole family!

You can add any member of your family in the game!


Lots of original and educational games for your kids!

Sing, share and laugh with a variety of videos, minigames and educational games for preschoolers and babies! Everything for the up-and-coming toddler!


Your culture and values design your kid's world.

Create custom experiences that fit your family’s culture and values.


Send Emojis your kids can understand.

Boops are emoji-like mini-games filled with emotions and laughter, starring your family!

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Acknowledging the working parent.

Boop Kids creates a timeline of your kid's creative play sessions, so you don't miss a beat!


Welcoming Family Diversity.

Boop Kids is gender neutral. We celebrate inclusion so it doesn't matter what kind of family you belong to. Everyone's invited to Boop Kids!


Parental Controls you can use.

Your kid is playing too much? Don't worry, we got you covered as well! Care about your toddler's playing habits.


The Ultimate Family Assistant.

Need some extra help trying to get your kids to eat, sleep, or 'go potty'? Boop Kids can help! Great value learning games.


Private and Safe. No Ads. No wi-fi needed.

No advertisements. Plus, use on the go (dentist, doctor, vacations) without any access to the internet!


Your whole family in one place.

Party of five? How about a party of thirty? All families share one same family-account! Join the community!


The Team