What does a Boop Kids subscription include?

All Boop Kids subscription tiers include access to all games, all video, and allow you to add all the avatars you want. There two tiers: monthly, and annually billed, after one week free trial.

Why are my videos not loading?

In order to keep the app as small as possible, videos need to be downloaded from wi-fi. This is an only-once requirement.

Can I use Boop Kids without creating my whole family's avatars?

Yes you can. It's not mandatory to create your family in order to play the games.

How many avatars can I create in Boop Kids?

The free version has a limit of 8 avatars. If you want to add more, you need to subscribe.

How fast are you planning on adding content?

We plan on adding content monthly: more games, more video!

My app is closing automatically. Help!

If you are using the app on an iPad, you are probably closing the apps by mistake, by placing lots of fingers on the app (your kids' fingers, that is!). In order to stop that from happening, you need to switch off the multitasking gestures from your settings.

I have more than 1 child. Does Boop Kids work for all of them?

Yes, you can add all the children you want!

Is Boop Kids safe?

Totally. Boop Kids never connects to 'unknown' people, and you cannot 'dialogue'/'text' with kids, ever, not even send them pictures. So, the content they browse and interact with is safe.

Does Boop Kids work even if you are offline?

Yes it does. Internet connection is only needed whenever downloading new content, such as video, but that's require only once.

Do I need to pay extra to use in more than one device?


Do I have to pay more when new content comes out?

Never! Subscription stays the same.